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Shabby Chic

It's kitch. It's camp. It's shabby chic! Whether you're planning a garish dress-up ball, throwing a retro teeny bopper party or hosting a shabby chic event Sweet City Candy has all sweets, chololates and novelties in the fun eye-popping colors you'll want!
Dress up in our candy charm bracelets, candy necklaces and candy buttons all in wild colors. Our Whirlybration lollipops, sassy spheres and Pixy Stix have the delicious taste that defies good taste. Go retro with Necco wafers, fruit slices, pufflettes and salt water taffy. Or blow out your parent's retinas with bright neon jelly beans, gummies, sixlets, or Kopper's ice cream sundae malt balls!
Sweet City Candy's entire selection of shabby chic themed candy is listed below. If you have any questions about any of our shabby chic themed candies and chocolates, just visit our FAQ section or contact us for more information. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions.

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    Candy Buttons Wrapped Single Strips .5oz

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    Wrapped Candy Buttons Single Strips (.5oz) from Necco let the good times roll. Tiny morsels of savory candy that's just so fun to eat! Packaged candy comes 24 strips in each box. Learn More
  2. Candy Charm Bracelet 48ct.

    Candy Charm Bracelet 48ct.

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    Candy Charm Bracelet from Bee International, the delicious candy jewelry you ate and wore as a kid. Each colorful charm bracelet is individually wrapped and has that classic "sweet tart" like candy taste. These novelty candies are perfect for Valentine's Day or as party favors. Each bracelet weighs .42 oz. Learn More

    Candy Necklace 100ct. Bulk

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    Candy Necklace from CeDe combines the elegance of a pearl necklace with the great taste of delectable candy. Individually wrapped candy necklaces not only taste amazing, they're amazingly fun to eat too! Sold in bulk, delivered in 100 piece box. Learn More
  4. Necco Wafer Assorted Mini Rolls

    Necco Wafer Assorted Mini Rolls

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    Assorted Necco Wafer Mini Rolls are bursting with great flavors such as lemon yellow, orange orange, lime green, clove purple, cinnamon white, wintergreen pink, licorice black, and chocolate brown. Individually wrapped, Necco wafers are perfect for a grab and go bite of sweetness. Sold in bulk in a 6.5lb bag or a 25lb case. There are approximately 38 pieces per pound. Learn More

    Pixy Stix Bulk

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    Pixy Stix from Nestle are everyone's favorite sugar fix. Fruit flavored sugar packets that dissolve like magic right on your tongue. Approximately 200 pieces per pound. Learn More

    Pretzels Yogurt Covered Mini (All Natural *)

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    Mini Yogurt Covered Pretzels from Metro, delicious pretzel snacks covered with creamy yogurt. Kosher Dairy. Sold in bulk, delivered in a 15 lb. box. There are approximately 72 pieces per pound or 1080 pieces per case. Each Pretzel measures 1 1/2 inches wide x 1 1/4 inches tall. * The product is now "all natural" and in being so, the ingredient Titanium Dioxide has been removed. Titanium Dioxide is what gave the product its bright White coloring, so now it is more of a Yellow/White combination. Pretzels are very fragile. Although we do our best to prevent broken pretzels, you can expect to have some damage due to UPS handling. We cannot be responsible for this damage.

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  7. Salt Water Taffy Assorted Flavors

    Salt Water Taffy Assorted Flavors

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    Sweet's assortment of its most popular flavors are all packaged together in a single 10-flavor assortment. Blue Raspberry, Peach, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Black Licorice, Neapolitan, Orange/Vanilla, Peppermint, Pear and Strawberry/Banana. Factory fresh from our manufacturing facility, Sweet's has been making its iconic taffy for more than 7 decades. Sweet's Taffy is the leader in the candy world because it is soft, non-sticky and full of flavor. Sweet's Taffy comes in a number of colors and flavors to choose from, giving you an assortment of ways to use and enjoy the candy. Of course, the taffy is perfect for your individual enjoyment. But it is also a great candy to share and gift, due to the fact it is individually wrapped. The taffy works well in candy dishes, gift bags, Easter baskets, apothecary jars for Wedding Buffets, and so on.

    Made in the USA.

    Approximately 210 Pieces Per Bag

    Amount: 3 Pounds Wrapped

    Sugar Free: No

    Kosher: Parve

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    Truffles Raspberry Milk Chocolate

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    Asher's Raspberry Milk Chocolate Truffles. Enjoy the fruity taste of raspberry in a smooth, creamy truffle center surrounded by rich milk chocolate. These milk chocolate raspberry truffles are mouth-wateringly delicious. There are approximately 30 pieces per pound. Learn More

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