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Sweet City Candy IS Candyland! And you can turn your party or child's birthday into Candyland with our brightly colored assortment of the finest sweets, candies and lollies. 
Help find King Kandy, the lost kind of Candy Land, with our gumballs, gum drops, pufflettes, Swedish fish, fruit slices, candy buttons, Runts fruit shapes and swirled lollipops. Don't let Lord Licorice take over Candyland with his rainbow licorice laces!
To start shopping for Candyland themed candy at wholesale prices, please click on the items below. If you have any questions about our Candy Land candy, visit our FAQ section or contact us for more information. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer all your questions.

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    Candy Buttons Wrapped Single Strips .5oz

    Wrapped Candy Buttons Single Strips (.5oz) from Necco let the good times roll. Tiny morsels of savory candy that's just so fun to eat! Packaged candy comes 24 strips in each box. Learn More

    Fruit Slices Peach

    Peach Fruit Slices from Cavalier, made with Agar so these jelly jollies are soft and sweet, not gummy and sticky like pectin based candy. A high-quality taste sensation. Perfect for parties and promotions. Kosher Parve. Sold in bulk, delivered in a 5 lb. box. There are approximately 165 pieces per box. Learn More
  3. Gum Drops

    Gum Drops

    Gum Drops, juicy jelly gum drops in assorted flavors covered with sugar. What can be better than these classic chewy treats? Sold in bulk, delivered in a 7.5 lb bag or a 31lb case Learn More
  4. Gumballs 3650 Count Size

    Gumballs 3650 Count Size


    Gumballs from Oakleaf (3650 count). Please note:each 6lb bag contains approximately 1216 pieces) This item is Kosher, however, if you order the bag quantity there will be no Kosher symbol. The symbol only appears on the original case the item is packed in. If the symbol must be present to be acceptable, then please order the case quantity. These delicious, colorful gumballs in assorted flavors will make everyone happy. Perfect for Halloween, parties and promotions. Great for refilling those fun gum ball machines. Kosher Parve. Each piece is approx. 5/8" in diameter. Sold in bulk, delivered in a 6 lb. bag or a 17.4 lb. case. The bag pack of 6 pounds contains approximately 1216 gumballs (3650 count is the industry standard for determining the size of the Gumball, and refers to how many pieces there are in a full case).

    Learn More
  5. Licorice Laces Rainbow

    Licorice Laces Rainbow

    Rainbow Licorice Laces from Gustaf's, delicious and fun chewy strings of licorice in assorted flavors and colors. Some of you will no doubt remember the European quality of Licorice Laces. We are proud to bring this fun product back for your enjoyment. Approximately 50 pieces per pound. Flavors and colors are: Green/Apple, Yellow/Tutti Fruitti, Blue/Raspberry, Red/Strawberry. Sold in bulk, delivered in a 6 lb. bag or a 18 lb. case. Learn More

    Pufflettes Pink & White


    Like inverted, miniature, snow-capped mountains, the base of each proud Pufflette treat is a brilliant white hue supporting a bright, colorful peak. Whether consumed casually or copiously, delicious gumdrop-shaped Pufflettes serve well in any eye-catching display.

    Strawberry Flavor

    Approx. 75 pcs. per lb.

    Shelf Life: 24 months (unopened)

    Learn More

    Ring Pops Original 24ct

    Ring Pop Original from Topps, the classic diamond shaped lollipop on a ring. Comes in assorted fruit flavors: berry blast, blue raspberry, blue raspberry watermelon, strawberry and watermelon. 24 individually wrapped ring pops per display box. Learn More
  8. Rock Candy Crystal Sticks Unwrapped Assorted

    Rock Candy Crystal Sticks Unwrapped Assorted

    Rock Candy Crystal Sticks - 120ct. Brightly colored, flavored Rock Candy Crystal Sticks from Dryden & Palmer are the perfect alternative to plain-jane lollipops. Assortment contains Cotton Candy (12 pieces), Grape (24 pieces), Cherry (24 pieces), Strawberry (18 pieces) Watermelon (12 pieces), Blue Raspberry (18 pieces) & White (12 pieces). Enjoy bulk Rock Candy Crystal Sticks at wholesale prices. Each piece is 6 1/2 inches long, and 1 inch at its widest. Kosher Parve. 120 sticks in each pack. Sweet City Candy is your wholesale candy headquarters. Enjoy bulk Rock Candy Crystal Sticks delivered fast, right to your door at low wholesale prices. Learn More
  9. Runts Fruit Shapes

    Runts Fruit Shapes

    Runts Fruit Shapes from Nestle, colorful hard candies that are packed with fruit flavor and shaped like the actual fruit. So cute and tasty that everyone loves them! New flavor mix: Banana, Strawberry, Orange, Pineapple, and Mango. (Cherry, Watermelon, and Blue Raspberry have been dropped.) Sold in bulk, delivered in a 7.5 lb. bag or a 30 lb. case. Wonka brand. Learn More

    Squiggly Lollipops Petite Orange & White 48ct.


    Delightful, little swirl pops featuring bold colors and delicious fruit flavors. While a great party favor, their petite size and enchanting design also make for beautiful décor and cocktail garnishes. Individually wrapped.

    48 ct box • Diameter: 1.375” • Total length: 3.5” • Net weight: 0.42 oz

    Orange Flavor

    Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 14 total

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