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Hanukkah Candy

Brighten the Holiday with Hanukkah CandyHanukkah candy makes The Festival of Lights even brighter with kosher chocolates and rich, delicious sweets. Our fun kosher Hanukkah candy is nicely packaged for serving or reselling, with a selection that can't be beat. Choose from individually wrapped chocolate dreidels, fun and festive lollipops, rich chocolate Hanukkah gelt (gold coins) wrapped in silver and gold foil, Hanukkah cookies, and a number of other Hanukkah candy options for anyone of any age to enjoy.
Festive Chanukah CandyWhat better way to make an already festive holiday even more enjoyable? Why with Hanukkah candy of course! Melt in your mouth goodness, clever designs and kosher novelties will shed new light on any Hanukkah celebration. Plus, since we sell all our Hanukkah candy in bulk, it's the perfect way to save, and share the joy of the holiday with everyone you know.
You may also want to browse our Hanukkah boxed cookie gifts, and Hanukkah chocolate gift boxes for other sweet ways to celebrate this festive holiday.
To start shopping for Hanukkah candy at wholesale prices, please click on the items below. If you have any questions about our Kosher Chanukah candy, visit our FAQ section or contact us for more information. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer all your questions.

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  1. Bumplettes Blue

    Bumplettes Blue

    Raspberry flavor Learn More

    Chanukah Napolitains 10pc. Gift Box

    Chanukah Napolitains from Superior, 10 festive, foil wrapped milk chocolates in classy, attractive gift box. The perfect holiday treat or gift. Kosher Dairy. Boxed Chanukah chocolates come 12-10pc. gift boxes per case. Learn More

    Colorwheel Milkies Mid Blue & White

    Milkies Colorwheel Individual Colors from Koppers, delicious milk chocolate candy coated milkies in a blend of unique colors. Kosher Dairy.Sold in bulk, delivered in a 5 lb. bag. Learn More
  4. Gold Coins Foiled Wrapped Quarters & Half Dollars Mix

    Gold Coins Foiled Wrapped Quarters & Half Dollars Mix

    Foil Wrapped Chocolate Coins from R.M. Palmer give you the best of both worlds. Have the fun of money and the flavor of chocolate. Enjoy a delicious mixture of quarter and half-dollar milk chocolate coins. Kosher Dairy. Sold in bulk, delivered in a 6.5 lb. bag or 24 lb. case. Approx. 80pcs/lb. (a mixture of quarter & half dollar size). Learn More
  5. Gold Coins Half Dollar Size

    Gold Coins Half Dollar Size

    Half Dollar Size (1 1/2 inches in diameter) Chocolate Gold Coins from R.M. Palmer, quality milk chocolate shaped like coins. The chocolate and gold foil is realistically imprinted with the Kennedy Half Dollar design. These delicious candy coins are great for party favors, Halloween treats, gifts or for just plain munching. Approx. 64 pcs per lb. Learn More
  6. Gumballs 1/2" Shimmer Powder Blue 2lb. Bag
  7. Hershey Kisses Blue/silver

    Hershey Kisses Blue/Silver


    Blue and Silver Hershey Kisses for Hanukkah

    Hanukkah Candies – Blue and Silver Hershey Kisses

    Blue and silver Hershey Kisses are the ideal candy for your Hanukkah celebrations. Not only are these tasty solid milk chocolate morsels emblazoned with the colors of the holiday, but they're made using Hershey's genuine article Kosher Dairy chocolate. Set them out on a party tray at home and add a splash of seasonal color to any table setting or buy a case for the holidays to offer at your retail establishment. Blue and silver Hershey Kisses are available at low wholesale prices in either a 6.5-lb. bag pack or a 25-lb. case pack. Kosher Dairy. Sweet City Candy is your wholesale candy headquarters. Shop today for blue and silver Hershey Kisses and get them delivered fast, right to your door at low wholesale prices. Learn More

    Koppers Hanukkah Mint Lentils Blue & White

    Little discs of dark chocolate blended with oil of peppermint then dipped in beautiful blue and white sugar shell Learn More

    Koppers Malt Balls Dark Chocolate Candy Coated Hanukkah Navy Blue, Mid Blue & White

    Giant malted milk balls smothered in dark chocolate then coated with a thin candy shell - navy blue, mid blue and white Learn More

    Koppers Malt Balls Dark Chocolate Candy Coated Hanukkah Blue & White

    Giant malted milk balls smothered in dark chocolate then coated with a thin candy sugar shell - mid blue and white Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 19 total

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