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Christmas Lollipops

Christmas Lollipops – Buy in Bulk and Save Christmas lollipops make the perfect stocking stuffer or holiday treat when it comes time to celebrate this special season. Metro Candy has a wonderful selection of Christmas lollipops, sold in bulk, so you can save on each of our unique holiday sweets. Choose swirly Christmas lollipops, milk chocolate lollies, even festively decorated marshmallow snowmen and Santa lollipops. Bring out the festivity and fun of the holiday with Christmas lollipops sure to make your taste buds pop.
Add Pop to the Holidays with Christmas Lollipops Welcome your guests or customers with Christmas lollipops and you'll be remembered sweetly. Take the opportunity to buy our Christmas lollipops in bulk to make your holidays even more joyous with wholesale pricing that even the biggest scrooge would appreciate. You may also want to browse our candy canes, Christmas candy, and Christmas chocolate gift boxes for other sweet ways to celebrate this joyous holiday.
To start shopping for Christmas lollipops at wholesale prices, please click on the items below. If you have any questions about our bulk Christmas lollipops, visit our FAQ section or contact us for more information. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer all your questions.

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  1. Holly Jolly Christmas Lollipops 12ct.

    Holly Jolly Christmas Lollipops 12ct.

    Holly Jolly Lollies from Bee International, giant lollipops with red, green and white swirls. Label decorated with Santa and mistletoe. The perfect holiday stocking stuffer. 12-5 oz. lollies per display box. Each piece is 4 inches in diameter. Learn More

    Madelaine Christmas Lollies 3/8oz.

    Madelaine Christmas Lollies are made from solid milk chocolate. These pops are covered in seven different happy Christmas foil designs (trees, Santa, snowmen, ornaments). Christmas lollies are perfect for every holiday party. Kosher Dairy. 60 individually wrapped lollies in each box. Learn More

    Madelaine Santa Pops 1oz.

    Madelaine Santa Pops are made from solid milk chocolate. These pops, covered in gold, green or blue foil, feature an adorable Santa's face. Santa pops are perfect for stocking stuffers or holiday trays. Kosher Dairy. 40 individually wrapped pops in each box. Each piece is 2 1/2 inches in diameter. Learn More

    Mom N Pops Christmas Lollipops

    Mom n' Pop's Christmas lollipops make the perfect stocking stuffer. Everyone loves the creamy milk chocolate of Mom And Pop's Christmas lollipops and the fun Christmas shapes. Shapes include Santa, Christmas tree, teddy bear and snowman. Kosher Dairy. 24 individually wrapped pops in each display box. Learn More

    Sassy Spheres Striped Lollipops Red & White 100ct.


    Cleverly curving stripes line the exterior of these celestial hard candy orbs. Sassy Spheres Striped Suckers will delight with every fruit flavor of the rainbow. Individually wrapped for freshness.

    5 lb bag • About 20 pieces per lb • Diameter: 1” • Total length: 4” • Net weight: 0.78 oz

    Cherry Flavor

    Learn More
  6. Tiny Twist Lollipops Red & White 48ct.

    Tiny Twist Lollipops Red & White 48ct.


    Inspired by mad scientist Nikola Tesla’s induction coil, these minute marvels are engineered to transmit fabulous flavors with every twist and turn. Shockingly scrumptious, you won’t be able to resist the magnetic pull of their sweetness. 48 ct box • Candy length: 3” • Total length: 6” • Net weight: 0.5 oz Cherry flavor.

    Learn More

6 Item(s)

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