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Just Born

For candy dishes, trick or treat bags, TV and movie nights, color coordinated school and team events and themed seasonal and holiday parties, Just Born candy is one of our absolute favorite additions. So Sweet City Candy sells a complete collection of wrapped, unwrapped and movie theater boxes of Just Born jelly beans, chocolate treats and marshmallow confections, plus tangy and spicy hard and chewy candy in bulk at wholesale prices.
Choose from: Zours, Hot Tamales, Chew-ets (Goldenberg Peanut Chews) and the beloved Mike and Ike brand in fantastic flavors such as Berry Blast, Italian Ice, Jolly Joes, Tropical Typhoon, Redragious, and Vampire Variety. Just Born is also famous for its Teenie Beanie brand. Sweet City Candy offers Teenie Beanee jelly beans in Caribbean Punch, Cabana Strawbana, American Medley Mix, Cherry, Grape, Green Apple, Island Breeze, Licorice, Lemon, Orange, Watermelon, Blueberry and Strawberry varieties.
We also feature an extensive assortment of Just Born’s beloved Marshmallow Peeps. Choose from Chicks and Chicks Rainbow Pops for spring and Easter celebrations, Peeps Hearts for Valentine’s Day, Peep’s Snowmen and Christmas Trees for winter and Christmas celebrations and Peeps Pumpkins for Halloween and autumn festivals.

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