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Gustaf's Premium Licorice

Gustaf's Premium Licorice

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  1. Finnska Soft Licorice Bites

    Finnska Soft Licorice Bites

    Finnska Soft Licorice Bites, the soft and chewy bit of licorice heaven! Choose between Black and Strawberry. Imported from Finland. Perfect for Halloween, parties and promotions. Sold in bulk, delivered in a 8.8 lb. case. Learn More

    Gummy Fried Eggs 2.2lb. Bag

    Gummy Fried Eggs (2.2 lb. bag), delightfully realistic food candy made of soft and chewy gummy candy. Playing with your food never tasted so good! Packaged candy in 2.2 pound bag. Each piece measures roughly 1 1/4" x 1" Learn More
  3. Licorice Allsorts

    Licorice Allsorts

    Licorice Allsorts - Fun, Colorful Licorice Allsorts Candy from Gustaf's is sweet licorice in different shapes, colors and layers. Licorice Allsorts is not only tasty but fun to eat as well. This bulk assortment includes a delicious multicolored selection of straws, sandwiches and buttons that will look pretty in any candy dish. Enjoy this classic treat imported from England. Bulk candy comes 6.6 lbs pounds per bag or a 26.4 lb. case. Learn More
  4. Licorice Ice (Schoolkrijt)
  5. Licorice Laces

    Licorice Laces

    Licorice Laces from Gustaf's, in strawberry or black. Some of you will no doubt remember the European quality of these delicious laces. We are proud to bring this fun product back for your enjoyment. The texture and flavor is unsurpassed. Imported from Holland. Weight of bag is approximate, and there are 50 pieces per pound. Sold in bulk, delivered in a 6 lb. bag or a 18 lb. case. Learn More
  6. Licorice Laces Rainbow

    Licorice Laces Rainbow

    Rainbow Licorice Laces from Gustaf's, delicious and fun chewy strings of licorice in assorted flavors and colors. Some of you will no doubt remember the European quality of Licorice Laces. We are proud to bring this fun product back for your enjoyment. Approximately 50 pieces per pound. Flavors and colors are: Green/Apple, Yellow/Tutti Fruitti, Blue/Raspberry, Red/Strawberry. Sold in bulk, delivered in a 6 lb. bag or a 18 lb. case. Learn More

    Licorice Pastels

    Licorice Pastels from Verberg, festive and delicious licorice bits coated in colored candy. Adds color and fun to any occasion.Sold in bulk, delivered in a 6.6 lb. case. Learn More

    Licorice Pontefract Cakes

    Pontefract Licorice Cakes, the classic and unique chewy candy imported from Germany and stamped with a castle. These are the original black Pontefract cakes every true licorice lover knows and loves. Unwrapped. Sold in bulk, delivered in a 6.6 lb. box. Learn More

8 Item(s)

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